3D Panoramas for Oculus RIFT

Beta Access

We currently only provide demo versions to known companies or demonstrate the technology in person.


( We are still working on the patent application for the mathematics required to make this work. )


Please leave us your contact details if you are interested:


Perfect for Architectural Visualization, Architects and Furniture Sellers

Most of your clients lack the imagination to infer how a room looks in 3D from pictures alone. Use our technology to help them out by letting them take a virtual look around in a pre-rendered 360° Panorama with full 3D vision.


Yes, these are actual screenshots. With our technology, you are not subject to the usual lighting, texture and polygon limits in real-time 3D rendering.


Made for Perfectionists

V-Ray 2.4 & 3 for 3ds max

Our technology seamlessly integrates with V-Ray 2.4 & 3 through our H3P Camera plug-in. If you already have a scene ready that looks great in every direction, you can just drop in our H3P Camera and start exporting :)



For those on a tight budget, we also support MentalRay, which is one of the default renderers that ship with Autodesk Maya and 3ds max.


100% Artist-controlled

Our H3P panorama storage format is fully deterministic and uses lossless compression. Whenever you deliver a H3P Panorama to your client, it will look exactly the same way you intended it to look.


Full Support for Postprocessing with OpenEXR

The workflow for creating panoramas with our proprietary technology can store render passes as separate OpenEXR files. While these intermediary images look weird and or slightly distorted to the human observer, they enable you to do all the usual color correction, blending the render passes in Photoshop and doing your beloved blur-resharpen to hide V-Ray noise ..


Support for Z-based Compositing

Our technology pipeline can export Z-Depth images for your renderings. You can use this for Z-based compositing to merge different scenes. Or how about merging CGI objects with captured real-life environments? We got you covered:


Possibility of Capturing real-world EnvironmentsThis’ll cost you a bit more because you need to buy external tools and a good DLSR.. but you can capture real-world environments into 3D point clouds and then use our technology to merge these (z-based compositing again) with your rendered scene. Your 3D data is safe :)The normal approach to Architectural Visualization with Oculus RIFT requires you to hand over textures and 3d models of your szene to the client. We think this is unacceptable. With our technology, you hand out a specially rendered image which is securely contained in our locked read-only file format. If you want, you can also include a company logo that will be overlayed onto the 3D view. That way, your client can show off to everyone and their mothers, but they can never tamper with your work or remove your credit. Free Windows & Mac Viewer, Oculus not requiredWith our technology you also get a free standalone viewer for Mac (10.8+) and Windows (64bit only, Win 7+). Although the effect looks most amazing on an Oculus RIFT, you can also view H3P Panoramas with this viewer in cross-eye mode. You’re free to distribute this viewer to anyone. We want your clients to show off to everyone (and their mother) what cool visualization they got from you :) Distributed RenderingWe do support distributed rendering with V-Ray 2.4 on 3ds max 2014. Other versions will follow soon. Commercial Help AvailableThe amazing guys at Northdocks are cooperating with us on this technology. They optimized the example 3D scenes we bought to reduce rendering time and we also used their renderfarm to produce all the example images you see here. If you can’t get a scene to render correctly (or fast enough), Northdocks can provide payed support or render your scene on their farm. Unlimited Level of Detail at 120 fpsAs you probably figured by now, we rely on a professional-grade renderer like V-Ray to generate the data for our panoramas. So anything that you can make V-Ray render as an image will work with our technology. And since the work is already done when your customer is viewing it, any scene will run at 120fps on a recent graphics card :) 

Nobody ever said the 3D scene needs to be real ;) Oh BTW, we support artist-controlled bloom and lens flares with artist-controlled color and dirt map, too.


Beta Access

If you want a beta demonstration, please enter your contact details into the form at the top left of this page.